Anybody But ObamaBiden’s description of Obama draws scrutiny

Anybody But Obama

Biden’s description of Obama draws scrutiny

In to 2007 I became aware of what was soon to be as described by

Good old uncle Joe the proverbial Crazy uncle that everybody knows is crazy but you listen to him anyway because he makes everybody laugh when he has Had his nip.

 “I mean, you got the first mainstream translations in periphrases; (he smokes and drinks beer like one of us) African-America (whatever Jesse says) who is articulate (he graduated from an approved university) and bright (not too dark) and clean (smells good) and a nice-looking guy, ” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man!” Describing the man with the unspeakable name at lease until after the election of 2008 according to the liberal left media propaganda fact the media did not bother to vet this anointed messiah and still refuses to expose the Obama as the Feckless so called leader that he is. The people where wagering up until his first I maculation January 2008 on what the H stood for in his middle name, was it just a place holder or was it for hubris. as America watch the dude strut on to the platform at the 2008 democratic national convention we (those of us that were (“Watching”) unlike the true race batters DNBC and

The poverty pimps, blinded by their own lust for power and the white racist democratic progressive party base with tingling sensations up and down their legs, and the out control women black and white with visions of there first time and the point of orgasmic ecstasy.

The liberal media went Bonkers as they bite the poison apple and saw for the first time the possibility of a New America transformed by the messiah as he slowly convinced them that he could and with their help they could transform and bring hope and change to America. It was there, when slick met stupid, the decline of media journalism and reporting began. The decline into socialism and communism, the tools of a despotic regime and no longer worthy of trust or believed. That’s why I have a bumper sticker on my car that says “ Don’t believe the liberal media.” Courtesy of the Media Research Center.

 Veting of a President


After veting  Mr. Obama for myself, beginning in 2007 the media engaged in what can only be described as “A Cover up.” I did it myself. As a born again, Christ loving, Bible believing, Disciple indeed. A rock solid conservative decided I could not vote for Mr. O no matter what his color. After doing my own research I came to the conclusion based on my years of social, politico plus I have learned to Stay with the book(BIBLE) experience that there are 21 reasons I could  not, did not and will not vote for Barack Husan Obama the first time or the last (thank God) time.

Allow me to give you three of many:

1.  No Character:

While it seems like The country is stuck on stupid and can only see him through eyes darkly and refuse to see his perverted personality or have been so bamboozled that they will not cannot see or know not the differenc  between character and personality -and it is.


2.  Unbelievable: When someone believes he can please his enemies and at the cost of his friends now that’s truly unbelievable.

3.  Not Trustworthy: I want to trust my leader









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