On Multiculturalism, Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

we are workers together with God He draws those He Wills

Just Thinking...for Myself

Not that my personal opinion on this carries any weight, after all, I’m just a guy with a blog.

Nevertheless, I want to say that I do not subscribe to the camp of Christians who believe churches should deliberately aspire to achieve more “congregational diversity” within the Church (the body of Christ).

Please note that the operative word in my opening statement is “deliberately”.

By “congregational diversity”, I’m specifically referring to what essentially boils down to racial and ethnic multiculturalism disguised as evangelism.

I say this because many so-called evangelical churches today have bought into the worldly notion that “marketing” the gospel in such a way as to specifically attract certain ethnic, racial and cultural groups is the best way to fulfill the Great Commission and get people to “embrace” the gospel (as if the gospel itself has been rendered impotent and is no longer enough to achieve such ends.)

By adopting such an unbiblical model, the…

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