bidens description of Obama draws scrutiny

Biden description of Obama draws scrutiny was posted February 9,2007 in  Biden was quoted while evaluating presidential rivals, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and others.  I had decided in 2006 that it would be “Anybody But Obama” for me.
Joe Biden describe Barrack Husan Obama in these words (the translation are mine):

  1. “You got the first mainstream African-American.” He smokes and drinks beer like one of us
  2. “He is articulate.” He doesn’t talk like Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.
  3. “He graduated from an approved university.” He is bright not too dark
  4. “He is clean and smells good a nice looking guy. A real prince charming!”
  5. Bill Clinton said, referring to Obama: yesterday, the presidential nominee; “He would have been bringing me drinks.”

Question is why wasn’t the dude properly vetted like all republican presidential candidates?

Biden description of Obama draws scrutiny from who? Not from the liberal media. During the 2008 election the American people didn’t know what Mr. O’s middle name was!
From the beginning of the campaign there was a deliberate cover up, by the liberal left.
Politicians, (black and white) refused fearing being labeled racist or uncle tom if they mentioned the middle name of Barack H Obama until after his victory 2008.
The liberal media,together with the liberal left and the stupid useless idiots went bonkers, as they drank the koolaid and saw the possibility of a New America transformed to their liken.
Convinced that he could, with their help, they could transform America through hope and change.  
That’s when slick met stupid, and American began its  decline, Journalism as we knew it had become the tool of the socialist and communist regime. 

“ Don’t believe the liberal media.”

Thousands of automobile bumper stickers in America display the above truth, Courtesy of the Media Research Center.
Next to it on my bumper I have displayed one that says; “ANYBODY BUT BARRY” 

Vet your next politician for yourself! Remember this:

It’s not

 Personality but Character


Promises  but Trustworthiness


 man but God












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