about the watchman mentor
Rebuilding Detroit/ Building bridges

About me-The watchman mentor,Twice born believer, proud father of 8, grandfather, retired Health-Care Professional, a Marine Corps Veteran of Viet Nam. Working from home with God’s help along with like-minded believers we’re rebuilding Detroit. After retiring in 2012 I fail in love with the world-wide internet, having discovered the unlimited possibilities for continued education, social development, and an opportunity to have my voice heard That’s what the Watchman Mentor is all about: through a collaboration of social media; blogging, video, pod-casting it’s my goal to become a watchman mentor to the world.

A bridge to your future

Positive Mentoring in the things that matter. Sadly the things that really matter have been lost in bureaucratic systems of education that train not teach that indoctrinate and not inspire. Those of you who hunger for  truth, honesty, integrity and knowledge that will encourage you to be all that you can be. If you have a willing attitude, are  teachable and have a burning desire to succeed than consider The Watchman Mentor it may be your bridge to a productive life.

I did it you can to

I’ve learned certain fundamental principles,have developed the skills and the knowledge to help you build and manage your own bridges that you are certain to encounter.Here are some things things you will learn at The Watchman Mentor Me

  • principles of self-control; you will learn to organize, build, and manage your  life
  • principles of success that will change your life direction
  • you can define the meaning of success for yourself.
  • you can create a bridge to success based on your own desire
  • you can know the difference between wisdom, knowledge and skills things you must know in order to achieve Success

and much more

God Bless,

thewatchmanmentor.me (Blogger & Mentor)

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