great expectations through God's gift alone


Great expectations are God’s gift alone, and yours just receive it. Despite the vicissitudes we faced in the previous years;

  • the death of loved ones, sickness, and disease
  • wars and rumors of wars
  • financial setbacks
  • betrayal, wickedness in the highest seats of government (Proverbs 29:2)
  • radical homosexuality, radical Islamic terrorism

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knowing Daniel's character can help pick political candidates

bidens description of Obama draws scrutiny

Biden description of Obama draws scrutiny was posted February 9,2007 in  Biden was quoted while evaluating presidential rivals, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and others.  I had decided in 2006 that it would be “Anybody But Obama” for me.
Joe Biden describe Barrack Husan Obama in these words (the translation are mine):
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What Genuine Confession Looks Like

True Dhat. If the righteous barely make….

Just Thinking...for Myself

When we think of the Old Testament character Joshua, one of two things usually comes to mind: he was the successor to Moses in leading the nation of Israel into the Promised Land (Joshua 1:2); he led the Israelites to victory at Jericho (Joshua 6).

Most of us can remember, I’m sure, singing the lyrics, “Joshua fought the battle of Jericho, Jericho, Jericho! Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and the walls came a-tumblin’ down!”

That’s usually where our familiarity with Joshua stops.

No doubt, Joshua was a great leader.

In fact, countless books have been written about leadership lessons that can be learned from him.

But, the book of Joshua holds much more for us than the “stories” we were told as children attending Sunday school or precepts for corporate executives about organizational leadership.

In fact, one of the more profound and unappreciated lessons from…

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The Deafening Silence of the Black Church on Homosexual Marriage

Just Thinking...for Myself

The reason traditional (heterosexual) marriage receives certain civil benefits that non-traditional (homosexual) marriage does not, is because traditional marriage is the means by which families are, and have throughout the whole of time, been created and propagated and, consequently, earthly societies and cultures sustained.

Marriage is first and foremost a spiritual union not a civil one, because both its definition and purpose originate from a spiritual Being (John 4:24).

Marriage is a God-ordained institution whose essential purpose is inherently antithetical to the very concept of “homosexual marriage” (an oxymoron if ever there was one.) God’s command to “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…” (Genesis 1:28) was given to the male and female whom God Himself created in His own image (Genesis 1:26-27).

That husbands and wives are to “be fruitful and multiply” is a mandate that cannot possibly be fulfilled by those…

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On Multiculturalism, Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God

we are workers together with God He draws those He Wills

Just Thinking...for Myself

Not that my personal opinion on this carries any weight, after all, I’m just a guy with a blog.

Nevertheless, I want to say that I do not subscribe to the camp of Christians who believe churches should deliberately aspire to achieve more “congregational diversity” within the Church (the body of Christ).

Please note that the operative word in my opening statement is “deliberately”.

By “congregational diversity”, I’m specifically referring to what essentially boils down to racial and ethnic multiculturalism disguised as evangelism.

I say this because many so-called evangelical churches today have bought into the worldly notion that “marketing” the gospel in such a way as to specifically attract certain ethnic, racial and cultural groups is the best way to fulfill the Great Commission and get people to “embrace” the gospel (as if the gospel itself has been rendered impotent and is no longer enough to achieve such ends.)

By adopting such an unbiblical model, the…

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Christianity With an Asterisk*

Just Thinking...for Myself

“Let Christ, the King of Israel, come down now from the cross that we may see and believe.” – Mark 15:32a (ESV)

The above comment was mockingly hurled at Jesus as He hung on the cross, having taken onto Himself the due penalty for the sins of theworld.

Theologically speaking, these words represent the second “I dare you” statement in the history of the world, the first being in the Garden of Eden when the serpent, Satan, challenged Eve with these provocative words, “Did God really say…?” (Genesis 3:1), essentially daring Eve to disobey God by eating from the tree which He had forbidden her, and her husband, Adam, to eat.

In studying this passage in Mark, it is tempting for us to become rather Pharisaic in our own attitude and exalt ourselves above those who uttered those words to Jesus more than 2,000 years ago.

But, think about it. Are we…

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“Weekly Photo Challenge: (theme of the week)”

Through the looking glass
Through the looking glass

My Son His Sister first semester entrance to the door of opportunity.Proud Father

Anybody But ObamaBiden’s description of Obama draws scrutiny

Anybody But Obama

Biden’s description of Obama draws scrutiny

In to 2007 I became aware of what was soon to be as described by

Good old uncle Joe the proverbial Crazy uncle that everybody knows is crazy but you listen to him anyway because he makes everybody laugh when he has Had his nip.

 “I mean, you got the first mainstream translations in periphrases; (he smokes and drinks beer like one of us) African-America (whatever Jesse says) who is articulate (he graduated from an approved university) and bright (not too dark) and clean (smells good) and a nice-looking guy, ” Biden said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man!” Describing the man with the unspeakable name at lease until after the election of 2008 according to the liberal left media propaganda fact the media did not bother to vet this anointed messiah and still refuses to expose the Obama as the Feckless so called leader that he is. The people where wagering up until his first I maculation January 2008 on what the H stood for in his middle name, was it just a place holder or was it for hubris. as America watch the dude strut on to the platform at the 2008 democratic national convention we (those of us that were (“Watching”) unlike the true race batters DNBC and

The poverty pimps, blinded by their own lust for power and the white racist democratic progressive party base with tingling sensations up and down their legs, and the out control women black and white with visions of there first time and the point of orgasmic ecstasy.

The liberal media went Bonkers as they bite the poison apple and saw for the first time the possibility of a New America transformed by the messiah as he slowly convinced them that he could and with their help they could transform and bring hope and change to America. It was there, when slick met stupid, the decline of media journalism and reporting began. The decline into socialism and communism, the tools of a despotic regime and no longer worthy of trust or believed. That’s why I have a bumper sticker on my car that says “ Don’t believe the liberal media.” Courtesy of the Media Research Center.

 Veting of a President


After veting  Mr. Obama for myself, beginning in 2007 the media engaged in what can only be described as “A Cover up.” I did it myself. As a born again, Christ loving, Bible believing, Disciple indeed. A rock solid conservative decided I could not vote for Mr. O no matter what his color. After doing my own research I came to the conclusion based on my years of social, politico plus I have learned to Stay with the book(BIBLE) experience that there are 21 reasons I could  not, did not and will not vote for Barack Husan Obama the first time or the last (thank God) time.

Allow me to give you three of many:

1.  No Character:

While it seems like The country is stuck on stupid and can only see him through eyes darkly and refuse to see his perverted personality or have been so bamboozled that they will not cannot see or know not the differenc  between character and personality -and it is.


2.  Unbelievable: When someone believes he can please his enemies and at the cost of his friends now that’s truly unbelievable.

3.  Not Trustworthy: I want to trust my leader







Lament for Detroit

The light that shines the Farthest is the light that first shines at home”

Provide Encouragement for the people of Detroit first, and the urban cities of America.

To inspire the new generation of patriots and pioneers to participate in the rebirth of Detroit and make Detroit an example to the cities of America.

Consider the words of a leading conservative thinker: Jack Kemp:

American society as a whole can never achieve the outer-reaches of potential, so long as it tolerates the inner cities of despair.

The Detroit is my town and I Love Michigan.

I believe that Detroit like many urban cities of America have falling victim to social and political experiment perpetrated by 50 years of social liberalism resulting in the moral and cultural demise of American inter-cities and has slowly infected rural America. Through anti- America propaganda, a left system of  indoctrination, liberal anarchist have been waging war on the American people and the American dream and while the people slept, they continued a war for very soul of Americas. Detroit we must wake up, and do battle against those who- in the name of a “progressive liberal ideology and take back Detroit”. We must get off this train of dehumanization, degradation its going nowhere!

Once again consider the words of Jack Kemp an American Patriot

Democracy without morality is impossible”.

While a good Education remains the very foundation for success the educational systems continue to fail the “stack holders” people of Detroit. It is time to take back our minds, begin think accurately and embrace the founding principles that years of social experimentations, lies about America, misinformation in the institutions of low learning has caused and has been forced upon our children by dogmatic educators and liberal left black democratic liberation doctrine.

Its time the people of Detroit and America choose their leaders wisely and not allow the liberal left (no matter the race) force our leaders on Detroit. From the Pulpits to the old guard  organizations  NAACP, PUSH, Rainbow coalitions, and all their sycophants Who once served a purpose for good, but have betrayed us and have become bastardize because of their unholy alliances and have  left their first love –if they ever did love the citizens of Detroit – and have become an embarrassment to the races and to the inner cities of America traders to the cause of freedom, truth and have become base men and women political pimps and whores getting theirs while It has become abundantly clear that after fifty years of democratic regimes we are worse off than ever.

Again consider the words of Mr.Kemp

 “There’s no limit to what free men and free women in a free market with free enterprise can accomplish when people are free to follow their dream.
Jack Kemp

To those who have not lost their ability to dream of a better way and the promise of a greater Detroit. No it will not be easy. It will take dedicated men and woman with that one burning desire, committed to a Vision of new “Detroit”  a city always moving forward. And with “God’s Divine” leading and direction we will be victorious.

Now I ask you, that hope and change where is it? And how is it doing you?