The purest treasures mortal times afford is a spotless reputation. Shakespeare

Home is where your heart is. It’s true in the natural, and in the spiritual realms.

Those of us, who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, and are alive in this world can take comfort in knowing we are only, just passing through. “That we eventually  go to our long home, as the mourners go about the streets.” (Ecclesiastes 12:5

like Phillip, we live in these earthly bodies, we must continue to pray that God will find us faithful, preaching and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. (Acts 8:40) until our journey’s end.

“To help Thinkers Believe and Believers to Think.”  

(Ravi Zacharias of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries)

These words spoken by Doctor Ravi Zacharias, should hang  over  the entrance to the homes of  all believers as a testament to our obedience to the charge given by our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 28:19-20.

The above words spoken by Ravi Zacharias accurately sum up the mission of  “The Watchman Mentor.”While at the same time, these 8 simple words, gives you the purpose and aim of “The Watchman Mentor”blog.

Its my hope on these pages you will find encouragement to make this your home away from home as we together  help “Thinkers Believe And Believers To  Think.”

I welcome you to my house, The Watchman Mentor me as we  journey down the road to accurate thinking and examine ourselves by God’s truth.  I encourage you to subscribe and visit often.

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